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Banana of the Brazil - The energy and health fruit

      There are around a hundred kinds of bananas planted in the entire world, but the most cultivated ones in Brazil are the "nanica" and "prata" bananas.
The "Nanica" banana has a thin yellow-greenish skin even in ripe fruits and sweet, soft and pleasant scented pulp.

     The "Prata" banana, is a 15 cm long, straight fruit, it has a yellow-greenish skin, it's five-sided, it's pulp is less sweet than the "Nanica" one, but more consistent, and it's recommended even to be fried or baked.

     The banana, specially the "Prata" one, is a fruit with original and peculiar characteristics within the nourishment and nutritional context.

     Energetic, easy to consume, it is rapidly digested in less than two hours, it is recommended for all ages:

  • They are particularly suggested by their richness in glycoside (sugars), in group B vitamins, in potassium and in magnesium that are important for a good muscular performance.
  • It helps in the maintenance of the immune system defenses thanks to its apports of vitamin C and B, minerals and varied oligo-elements (zinc, copper, manganese, selenium...)

How to choose the bananas:

  • Choose only the ones with good appearance and characteristic aroma.
  • Prefer the ones with a VERY YELLOW skin and little brown spots, of a consistent appearance and without soft or bruised parts. In case the banana isn't consumed soon, prefer the ones that are regularly green, on the wait.